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Collecting, Houston, TX

For representation on collecting in Houston, TX, look to The Dushkin Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys have been handling commercial collections, collection of judgments and general business law for our clients in the Houston area. Whether your case is collecting on commercial debt, breach of contract, or collection of judgments, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to help you achieve your goals. Our focus is to make sure you understand your options so you can make cost-effective choices while still accomplishing your objectives. Please call us to consult with one of our attorneys about your specific collecting needs.

Contracts, Houston, TX

The attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm enforce all types of contracts in Houston, TX. Specific handling of each case will depend on its unique facts but we usually begin by reviewing contract documents to determine the best course of action. If needed, we will make demand and then negotiate a favorable outcome for our clients. Throughout the litigation, we will go over your options so you can minimize your expenses, and minimize the potential business interruption. After judgment, we will work in assisting you with the collection of your judgment. To discuss your case with one of our attorneys, give us a call at 713-961-3600.

Sworn Account, Houston, TX

For a sworn account lawyer in Houston, TX call on The Dushkin Law Firm. A sworn account is a rule of procedure that allows businesses to swear to the correctness of the delinquent account when they file suit. Under that rule, unless a debtor files a denial of the correctness of the account under oath, the creditor’s sworn pleading will be legally sufficient for the creditor to move for a summary judgment without the expense of a full trial. A sworn account procedure can also be helpful to reduce the number of contested issues, and thus the expense in a collection suit. Our goal at The Dushkin Law Firm is to maximize recovery while minimizing our clients’ collection costs.

Demand Letter, Bexar County

Whether you need to collect on small or large sums of money, a demand letter is Bexar County can get you results. Our attorneys will take care of the details.

The demand letter will outline the debts owed to you. Oftentimes, just seeing a letter from an attorney will be enough to get a debtor to pay their outstanding invoice(s). Call us at 713-961-3600 to discuss your demand letter needs.

Demand Letter, Harris County

For a demand letter in Harris County, call on the attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm. Our practice is focused on debt collection remedies. We have the knowledge and skills to get results. Oftentimes, a demand letter outlining your debts owed is enough to get debtors to pay up. If further action becomes necessary, we are prepared to take the next step and help you get back the money you are owed.

Demand Letter, Dallas County

Capture the attention of your debtor with an attorney signed demand letter in Dallas County Texas. Our tailored demand letter is often all you will need to collect on debts.

Whether you are owed a small or large sum of money, a demand letter can get you results. Call our law firm at 713-961-3600 to discuss the specifics of your case and see how we can help you collect on your debts.

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Foundation for a Business

Foundation for a Business:  Figure out your Mission and Core Values.

You will find it extremely helpful before you start a business to think deeply about your mission, which I define as what you wish to accomplish with your business.   In addition, you should identify your core values, the principles and qualities you want to express, and your employees to express in their work.  Draft a clear, concise and forceful statement of your company’s mission and core values.  Share it with your employees so they are guided and inspired.  Refer to your mission and values repeatedly.  Doing so will help you maintain focus,  make tough decisions in a way that keeps your company on course, and give you patience to tackle the challenges that will inevitably come with running your own business.