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Suits on Financing Leases

The collection attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm handle the collection of delinquent financing leases.  Our lawyers work with our clients to develop a practical and cost-effective action plan that is customized to the client’s needs and the particular facts of each case, so that our clients understand their options and can make sensible business choices regarding their collection matter.

Although the specific handling of a case will depend on its unique facts, typically our lawyers will review our client’s financing lease documents, make demand when needed, and, if feasible, negotiate on behalf of our clients with the debtor.  Depending on the particular facts of the case, demand and negotiation are sometimes all that is needed to collect the debt. When it seems necessary or advantageous, our attorneys will file suit, and depending on the facts, may be able to seek prejudgment remedies, such as attachment or sequestration of collateral.  When possible, we will use summary procedures to avoid a full trial – such as requesting a “summary judgment” based on affidavits and documents – to minimize client costs.   Throughout the litigation, our collection attorneys will inform our clients about their options in the collection suit, so that the client can control and minimize expenses and the potential interruption to business that is inherent in all litigation.  After judgment, our lawyers will assist our clients in the collection of their judgment, using cost effective methods in keeping with our client’s goals.

Depending on the facts of the particular collection, The Dushkin Law Firm provides legal representation in collection cases on either an hourly or contingency fee basis.  In our normal contingency fee arrangement, the client will be responsible for all court costs and other expenses.   Please feel free to call and discuss your specific business needs with one of our attorneys.