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Business Entity Formation

The attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm counsel and assist clients with business formation and planning.  We will help clients choose the right type of business entity to meet their needs, such as a corporation or “Subchapter S” corporation, a general or limited partnership or a limited liability partnership or company.    The primary factors in selecting a form of business entity are the different tax and liability consequences associated with each type of entity.

In addition to helping our clients identify the most appropriate form of business entity for their needs and objectives, we will counsel clients on fundamental organizational issues and business planning.  Our attorneys canl prepare the necessary formation, organizational, and registration documents, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, partnership agreements, operating agreements, rules and regulations, and buy-sell agreements.

Our attorneys will also counsel clients with regard to the legal issues that arise in the day to day operation of their companies, including preparing, reviewing or advising clients on their standard contracting documents (such as quotes, purchase orders, invoices), employee manuals, employment agreements, including non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, leases, and other contracts incidental to their business operations. Good planning and good legal documents will help a business avoid a host of expensive problems and disputes down the road.

In all our legal services, our attorneys bring the benefit of their years of practice to provide practical and effective legal advice and representation to our clients on the legal issues that are significant to their specific businesses, while being mindful of our clients’ needs to keep their legal costs down.