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Buy-Sell Agreements

As part of the business planning legal services offered by The Dushkin Law Firm, our attorneys prepare and review buy-sell agreements and other restriction on transfer agreements for many different types of businesses and business entities.  A buy-sell agreement is important for every closely held corporation or business with more than one owner.

In a buy-sell agreement, the parties agree on what will happen in the event of a voluntary or involuntary transfer of an ownership interest in the business — such as when an owner wants to sell his/her interest in the business, an owner goes into bankruptcy, an owner or an owner’s spouse passes away and leaves their interest to a third party, or an owner divorces and the decree awards part of the business interest to the non-owner spouse.

With an appropriate buy-sell agreement in place, the business and remaining owners can preserve the assets and ongoing viability of the business in the face of inevitable changes in ownership and owners can be assured that their surviving family members will be provided for and treated fairly by the business on the owner’s death.   Of course, each business is unique and each business and its owners will have unique needs.