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Contract Negotiation

The attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm provide cost effective representation in negotiating and forming contracts for our business clients.  Sometimes a client will have a great deal of bargaining power in contract negotiations and sometimes little or none.  Taking the parties’ relative bargaining positions into account, our attorneys will identify contract provisions that might be critical to our clients and develop possible negotiation strategies for obtaining contract terms that are favorable to our clients.  Hand in hand with contract negotiation, our attorneys will review contract provisions for our clients, explain the legal consequences of contract terms, and identify the risks and potential risks our clients may be assuming under various contract provisions.  Our attorneys will revise contract terms or suggest contract revisions when possible or necessary to do so.

Our attorneys bring their many years of practice to reviewing, revising and negotiating our client’s consulting contracts, service agreements, and other independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, joint venture agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, and asset purchase agreements, to give just a few examples.