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Contract Review

The attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm review contracts and business forms of all types for our business clients.   Our attorneys review, revise and negotiate our client’s consulting contracts, service agreements, and other independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, joint venture agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, and asset purchase agreements, to give just a few examples.

Our attorneys will work with our clients to be sure we understand their businesses and their business needs so that we are able to address the legal issues that have a significant impact on their businesses.  We will explain contract terms as needed and advise clients regarding the risks and potential risks of the legal provisions in their contracts or proposed contracts.  If our clients consult us during contract formation and negotiation, we will suggest possible revisions and negotiation strategies as needed.  When requested, our attorneys will revise proposed contracts and negotiate contract terms on behalf of our clients.

In drafting, reviewing or negotiation a contract for a client, our attorneys will, when appropriate or feasible to do so, include contract clauses that protect our clients from unforeseen risk and expense in their transactions – for example, requirements for mediation, limitations on damages, and provisions that require litigation in our client’s home counties.  (Obviously, the relative bargaining power of the parties may in some case limit a client’s ability to include favorable provisions.)  Our attorneys can also review our client’s standard contract documents and business forms, including credit applications, purchase orders, quotations, and invoices, with an eye to improving our client’s ability to collect their receivables.  Sometimes this can be as simple as adding a personal guaranty to a credit application or including terms that give the client leverage in the event of a dispute.  This type of preventative work provides real value to our clients;  it is much more expensive to resolve an unanticipated dispute than to prevent one by a little planning and smart drafting.  We are always happy to work with our existing business client base to help them avoid litigation and the twin burdens of inconvenience and expense which inevitably attend litigation.