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Fee Structure

We give prospective clients up to one hour of initial consultation free of charge. We use this time to become acquainted with your legal matter and to determine if we will be able to represent you.

We will discuss our fees with you at the initial consultation.  We may require a retainer before doing any work, depending on the nature of your legal matter.  We will get your agreement as to our fees before undertaking any billable work.  We will also consider representing you on a contingency basis depending on the nature of your legal matter.  Our typical fees follow, but please be aware that the fees we quote to you may vary from the following depending on the complexity, size and other unique characteristics of your specific matter.

Attorney Hourly Rates:

Jay H. Dushkin:  $295.00

Ann Grandich:  $195.00

(Time is billed in tenths of an hour)

Contingency fees: 

If your matter is resolved short of trial, our fee is typically 33% of any recovery, whether by settlement, judgment or otherwise.  If trial of a matter is required, our fee is typically 40%.  Our percentage is calculated after expenses are deducted from the recovery.  The client will be responsible for paying all expenses and court costs.  (Examples of expenses include copy charges, filing fees, fees for process servers, court reporters, etc…)

To keep legal fees down, work is delegated to the firm’s associate, Ann Grandich, and to the firm’s paralegals, whenever it is feasible to do so.  In addition, Jay Dushkin carefully reviews all client bills to ensure that our clients are receiving value from our legal services and may reduce the bill if he believes it is warranted given the nature of the legal problem and the results.